Monday, 21 July 2014

Celebrating Bastille Day in Paris

Last week I travelled to Paris to spend 4 days in the beautiful city, I flew out on the 14th of July and wasn't heading back home till the 17th of July. So I thought I would write up about some of the things I got up to whilst in the city of love *wiggles eyebrows*.

So the 14th of July was a Monday so I got up very early to head to the airport for my flight, our hotel was nowhere near the airport so we were aware we would need to get a train once we landed and then take a trip on the underground. However once we landed and then took a train from the airport into the centre of paris, we become aware that we would have to get at least 3 different underground trains to get to our hotel so we decided to walk instead... This was not a good idea because it took us around 3 hours before we finally got to our hotel! but we did have a very nice walk through Paris and we seen a lot more of the city than we would have if we had chosen to take the underground.
During our walk to the hotel we stumbled across the 'love lock' bridge, which you may have heard of, you know its the bridge where everyone buys a padlock writes a little love message on there then connects it to the bridge, yeah? Well we found that so called bridge and it was amazing I don't think I've ever seen that many padlocks in my whole life!

Once we arrived at the hotel it was evening time so we decided to freshen up then head out for dinner, we just ended up getting take out because most restaurants and cafes where really busy so I got a yummy cheese burger and fries. As it was the 14th of July this meant it was Bastille day which is like independence day for France as it marks the beginning of the french revolution, this was the reason why everywhere was so busy, we took a walk down to the Eiffel Tower where there was a firework display (best firework display I have ever seen by the way!) It went on for almost an hour finishing with the Eiffel tower lit up and sparkling.

Then this was the end of my first day in paris as I went back to the hotel to get an early night for the following days adventures. I did record some clips while I was in Paris but I'm currently editing that and I'm thinking I might narrate some clips and then just have some funky music in the background :) But if you would like to see that it will be up hopefully sometime this week on and I will write a blog post about day 2 tomorrow :)


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