Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Visiting the Arc De Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower

Day 2 of our trip to Paris consisted of a lot more walking, so once we had some lunch/brunch we headed towards the Arc De Triomphe. It is situated on one of the main roads in Paris and there were a lot of fancy shops on the walk leading to the Arc De Triomphe, one shop in particular caught my attention... the Disney store! I got so excited I had to go inside, as we walked in we were greeted with 'do you want to build a snowman' from frozen I have to admit I was in my element at this point. I was stood with disney music blasting all around me and I was surrounded by a variety of disney items from toys to mugs to cuddly toys, I don't know how I made it out of there without buying one single thing.

                                                                            Mickey at the Disney store

We then left the disney store to carry on our journey to the Arc De Triomphe and once we got up close it truly was majestic! We unfortunately didnt spend too long here though because there were a lot of people asking for money. This was one of the big problems with our trip as it was obvious we were tourists the locals kept targeting us, this did not just happen at this location they were mainly situated in all the tourist areas of Paris and it was pretty scary! one lady even tried to grab hold of my bag asking me for money and because I refused she tried to grab my bag luckily I had left the majority of my money locked in the safe in our hotel room and I had tight hold of my bag so there was no way anyone was getting inside that bad boy!! ahaha.

One of the things I was most excited to see up close was of course the Eiffel Tower. I have been to paris once before and have bee up to the top of the Eiffel Tower so we decided to just go and see it up close rather than going all the way to the top because the queues were ridiculously long and there waiting time was around 3 hours.

This was the end of our adventures for today and we had dinner walked around the city a little more coming across many of the cities palaces before heading back to our hotel to get an early night so we would be able to start our next days adventures bright and early. As I stated in my previous blog post I will be uploading a video of my trip to youtube it can be found here:
The video wont be up till this Friday so keep your eyes peeled, I'll be following up with our last days adventures hopefully tomorrow :)


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