Tuesday, 14 October 2014

I Lost My Mojo... But I'm Back!!

It feels a little odd being back on this site after I've been away for around 3 months but its good to be back! I just lost my motivation for this blog as I was wrapped up in other things such as work. But I feel like I am going to have a few exciting moments coming up this year that I want to document and what better day to start than today!
Halloween will be coming up soon which is one of my favourite holidays (along with christmas!) So I'm getting all excited and I want to get my creative juices flowing and hopefully share them on here.

I also wanted to address why my video from Paris never made it to the internet. Long story short the video was a complete fail I just wasn't happy with the final product and I thought there is no point in sharing something which I am not happy with. Hopefully in the future I can make a better video of my future travel adventures, but for now I have no future adventures planned.


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