Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Clothing Haul!

Well hello there! Pay day came around recently so I decided to splash some cash on some goodies for myself. I've not actually been clothes shopping in a while and my wardrobe is in need of a serious update and I had a Saturday off from work last week for the first time since last summer so I thought this was a perfect opportunity to go and treat myself. I stopped off at New Look first, this is my favourite clothes shop ever! Don't get me wrong I love Topshop but I'm always going to be a New Look girl at heart sometimes the prices in Topshop are a little out of my range.
Anyway I'd been looking at boots on the New Look online store and spotted a pair of tan coloured lace up boots with a block heel and fell in love! While on my shopping trip I was determined to hunt them down and find my size because I have pretty big feet (a UK size 7 to be exact) and luckily I found them and I have some outfits in mind which they will go nicely with.

                                Original price £29.99                                          I payed £22.00

The next two items I picked up in New Look where jeans, I am definitely a jeans and T-shirt kind of gal but somedays I do feel girly so I decide to throw a skirt on. The first pair of jeans I picked up are a dark navy skinny legged jean which I will most probably wear for everyday purposes. I'm all about skinny legged jeans! I do own a pair of boyfriend jeans but they just don't look very flattering on me.

                                                                  Price: £22.99

The second pair of jeans I picked up where a pair of high waisted mottled jeans, I have become obsessed with crop tops lately and I feel more comfortable wearing them along with high waisted jeans as not as much of my tummy is on show and they keep me slightly warmer well thats what I like to think aha.

                                                                       Price: £24.99

Next thing I picked up was this black and white tartan/checkered skirt, unfortunately they only had one left and it was a size up from my size so it's slightly big on me but I plan on taking it to the ladies at my local market because they can work wonders with there sewing machines and they will be able to take the skirt in a little for me! I just love the cute little cut out sections at the bottom of the skirt I think thats why it won me over.

                                                                    Price: £17.99
This next item I purchased is a black ribbed turtle neck jumper and I thought that it would go lovely with a chunky silver necklace, the skirt shown above, some wooly tights and a little pair of black/grey ankle boots.

Price: £8.99

I then went to Topshop to have a nosey at their sale items and ended up buying two tops, the first one I picked up was a long sleeved ribbed crop top in a bottle green colour. They also had this crop top in a wine red colour and also in black but I've never owned anything in a bottle green colour before so I thought I'd get it for a change and I am in love with it I think it would look good with a pair of high waisted black skinny jeans. 

Price: £10.00
(This picture doesn't show the colour of the top very well so I apologize)

The next top I spotted in Topshop was in the sales and it's just a collared sleeveless top in a deep wine red colour. The color is adorable as it's done in a crochet flower effect and there also a crochet effect around the arm holes (arm holes sounds odd but you know what I mean) 

Price: £8.00

The next thing I'm going to show you I didnt actually buy but it is from Topshop and no.. I promise I didnt steal it aha it's a hand-me-down from my older sister (can I get a hell yeah for having older sisters who are the same sized clothes as you!) It's another crop top but this time in a cream colour and the sleeves are only quarter length and it has a deep v front and back. I think it would go amazing with the boots shown at the top and the high waisted jeans shown further up this post! 

( This is a close up of the material because the picture above doesn't give the full effect)
I'm also not sure how much this item was sorry!

Last but not least I nipped into primark and ended up buying myself a new purse, my current purse doesn't have enough card slots and is also looking a bit tatty looking now so I thought I'd buy a big fancy one for just £5.00 you cant beat that ;)


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    1. Thank you! I'll check your blog out now :) xx

  2. you go great items! love the boots


    1. Thanks! I think the boots were my best buy aha :) xx

  3. Such a beautiful skirt and boots. Bargains :)
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  4. Those shoes/boots though.... <3

    1. I know it was love at first sight aha just checked your youtube channel out, love your Blank Space cover! x

  5. Love everything you got here :)