Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The Lion King Live

Hey :)

So recently I went to see The Lion King live in Manchester and I had an incredible time, if you love the movie I strongly recommend you go and see it!! I'm personally not a big fan of musicals but The Lion King is one of my favourite Disney movies ever because 1. I adore lions so I'm obviously going to love a film all about lions ;) and 2. The music. I can't help but sing along to all the famous songs from the film but even the instrumental music is amazing!

                                      This a picture of the stage before the show started!

I'd heard a lot about the show because some of my friends had been to see it in previous years so I was super excited and I believed I was mentally prepared but obviously not. When the show started and The Circle of Life filled the room I suddenly become very overwhelmed, I had a big lump in my throat and my eyes were filling up (I think I'm just an emotional wreck aha) I didnt actually cry but It was just crazy to me that I have wanted to see it live for years but had no one to go with or not enough money because the tickets are very pricey but they are worth it. Anyway here are a couple of snaps I took from the night :)

                                                    Don't you just love awkward pictures




  1. The only Musical I have seen is Mamma Mia, and I loved it! Cats, The lion King, and Wicked are def on my Must see List! I think I would get emotional too!

  2. I've heard Mamma Mia is amazing! and yep I would also love to see Wicked :) xx

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