Friday, 8 May 2015

A Day Out to Tropical World!


A few weeks ago I was in Leeds for a few days visiting my boyfriend (he goes to uni there). I have been to Leeds quite a few times so we tried to think of something different to do and we come across a place called Tropical World! I would describe it as a miniature zoo so it was a winner with me as I am a very big animal lover.

We got a bus from Leeds city centre which took us around 20 minutes and the bus stops right across the road from Tropical World. If I'm being honest I wasn't expecting much, because I just assumed it was going to be very small as it was so close to the city centre but I was pleasantly surprised!

They had Meerkats, Cotton Topped Tamarins, a Crocodile and a lot more! I took some pictures on my phone some didnt turn out too great but I've picked out the best.

         This guy don't want none unless you got buns hun ;) Yeah... I said it feel free to cringe!

                                                                     Poison dart frogs

                                                                         How cute!

  So that was it if you're ever in leeds and you're looking for something to do this is a lovely day out :)

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