Tuesday, 30 June 2015

June wrapped into one post

I've been absent for over a month now and I feel like a lot has happened this past month and I cannot wait to share it! First off I have a new job wooo yeah! I now work in the bakery section in a supermarket and I actually really enjoy it but I have a lot more training to complete yet but so far I am loving it.

Not long after starting my new job I was jetting off on holiday I went to Mallorca for a week with a few of my friends. Just incase you're wondering which part of Mallorca we went to... it was Magaluf I know right wild? aha but it actually was not that bad I've been on wilder nights out in liverpool! I have a few pictures which I want to share with you from that trip but that post will come in time.

Next after having a week or so coming back into reality and feeling like the new girl all over again in my job I had a date with a girl named Taylor Swift and that date was the 24th of June 2015 where I seen her in Manchester on her 1989 world tour and I'm not joking with you I think it maybe one of my favourite shows I've been to of hers it was on the same level as the Fearless tour. But it's hard to compare Fearless and 1989 because Taylor seems like a completely different person now she's all grown up and although I miss her long curly locks and her sparkly dresses and cowboy boots I feel like I've grown up with her and I love her new style :)

Ohh p.s I have made a Tumblr if your interested in following me :) I don't know why I never discovered it sooner because I am hooked. My Tumblr is: http://crazycurlyytots.tumblr.com/

                                                             So I'll speak to you soon ;)

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