Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Summer Haul: New Look and Top Shop


I went on a couple of shopping trips this past month and I know I should've shared these sooner but better late than never right? I got a few bits and bobs from New Look, Primark and one item from Topshop. This post is just going to be all the items I got from New Look as I did get quite a few things. I was mainly buying clothes for the holiday I've just been on and also when I go to Brighton for 5 days in August I might also be going London some time in July but those plans are not yet set in stone.

I thought I'd start with the top I bought from outfit, I wasn't really looking for clothes I was just having a nosey and I spotted this cami top and I just thought it was really pretty so I decided to try it on and then that led to me buying it. I think it's just the vibrant colours that caught my eye because I love a bit of orange aha.

                                                                        Price: £26.00

Next I thought I'd show you the items I picked up from New Look. I really wanted a pair of white jeans because I just think they would be perfect for summer and I came across these bad boys aha. They are skinny legged and really snug but thats the way I like them.
                                                                         Price: £19.99

I also picked up this floral crop top. You know how it is you get a bit of a tan on holiday and you want to show it off and a crop top is a perfect way of doing that. I'm really fussy with crop tops but I loved this with my high waisted shorts as I didnt show off too much skin

                                                  Was: £7.99                         Now: £6.00

I feel like I should've ironed this next item before taking the picture aha. I love these string vest tops because they are just really good value for money. I think I might buy a few more of these in different colours.

This top was on a 2 for £5.00 offer or £2.99 each


I didnt know whether I'd suit this next item with me being quite tall I thought I would look like an awkward giraffe or something in them but I decided to give them a go and I actually really like them ot only are they super flattering, they're really comfy it felt like I was just wearing PJ bottoms. Also they have bits of orange throughout so whats not to love!  

                                                                          Price: £17.99

I really wanted a pair of ripped jeans I don't know why, I just think they add a bit more to just a plain pair of jeans. I was thinking of just ripping an old pair of my own jeans but I attempted this and they looked awful aha I thought I was quite a crafty person but I guess not.

                                                                       Price: £24.99

Again I should've ironed this top before taking the picture. What caught my eye with this is that it's made from a fine knitted material but its really lightweight so its perfect for summer. Also the back of the top is adorable with a crochet style panel at the back which opens up towards the bottom of the top.

                                                                          Price: £14.99
                                            Sorry I don't think this top is still available online.

This next item is just a plain black cami top but I think the detailing is so pretty. I love the zip down the centre of the top and I like that it has a mesh paneling along the top of the cami and down the centre to where the zip ends.

                                                                   Price: £9.99

I picked up this striped oversized crop top because I thought it would look nice with the pair of ripped skinny jeans I picked up and some white converse.

                                                   Price: £6.99                          Now: £4.99


  1. I really like the crop top and the printed pants, they are both very trendy! And I'm the same, I never go out looking for clothing, but it seems they just come to me hahaha

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. Thanks :) and yep ahaha story of my life right there! xx

  2. I love the first top :) nice and colourful! I'm not really one for colour but that top may need a purchase! Nice variety of stuff you have here! Great post :) xx